'S' Lock
Tilt Coupler
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We manufacture the 'S' Lock Coupler to suit 3—46 Ton Excavators

The 'S' Lock Coupler

Why Choose The
'S' Lock Coupler?

1. Safe

independant secondary locking system design inherent safety features

  • The position of the front lock is sustained by twin die springs forcing the cylinder assembly against the coupler body. Acting independantly to the hydraulic system this will safeguard retention of the front pin in the event of a drop in hydraulic pressure.
  • The large coil spring situated within the protected cylinder assembly, applies constant pressure keeping the hook in position under the rear attachment pin.
  • The design profile of the ‘s’ lock rear hook ensures the rear pin is retained when there is a loss in hydraulic pressure.

3. Simple

Robust & Uncomplicated

  • The ‘S’ LOCK has the least moving parts of any double-locking hydraulic coupler on the market, with just three assemblies.
  • The only moving parts with in the coupler body are the cylinder assembly and rear hook. As a result the ‘S’ LOCK compuler benefits are enclosed and protected giving greater protection.
  • The hydraulic cylinder assembly is fully enclosed and protected giving greater resistance to potential damage,

5. Secure

both front and rear attachment pins are secured by positive locks

  • The ‘S’ LOCK front jaw channel is closed off by the ram assembly ensuring the attachment cannot be released in the event the rear pin is missed or incorrectly captured.
  • The rear hook is securely locked by a check valve and coil spring protecting against hydraulic pressure loss.
  • Visible from the operator’s position, the cylinder assembly acts as a visual indicator that can be seen from the front of the coupler.